April 20, 2010

Photo Galleries: Rivals, Drama and Upsets

From LXM 512 in Austin to Day of Rivals in Baltimore, the SWLL championship game in Georgia and North Carolina-Northwestern in Evanston, this is your weekly photo fix.

Photos: LXM 512 (LXM PRO Tour)

The LXM PRO Tour hit Austin, Texas to bring fans a mix of Hollywood, music and pro lax on April 10. Photos by Dustin Downing... [SEE PHOTOS]

Photos: Army vs. Navy (Men)

A late Navy goal was waved and Army held on for a 7-6 win in the Smartlink Day of Rivals on April 17. Photos by John Strohsacker... [SEE PHOTOS]

Photos: Johns Hopkins vs. Maryland (Men)

Maryland came back and finally left a winner in one of college lacrosse's oldest rivalries on April 17. Photos by John Strohsacker... [SEE PHOTOS]

Photos: Florida at Georgia (WDIA)

Georgia defeated Florida Club, 14-13, in sudden-death double overtime to win the SWLL title on April 18. Photos by Cecil Copeland... [SEE PHOTOS]

Photos: North Carolina at Northwestern (Women)

Down went Northwestern. North Carolina ended the Wildcats' 41-game winning streak in a shootout. Photos by TD Paulius... [SEE PHOTOS]

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