March 10, 2009

NLL Announces 2009 Playoff Schedule

from press release

The National Lacrosse League has announced the schedule of weekends for the 2009 Playoffs.  The playoffs will begin with the Divisional Semifinals on the weekend of May 1-3.  The Divisional Finals will be played on the weekend of May 8-10.  The Championship Game will be played on the weekend of May 15-17. 

The playoff format remains unchanged from last season.  Eight of the league's twelve teams will advance to the playoffs, the top four finishers in the East and West Divisions.  All playoff games are single-elimination games.  The higher-seeded team will have home floor advantage for all games.  Following the conclusion of the regular season on April 18, no games will be played on the weekend of April 24-26.  The playoffs will begin on the weekend of May 1-3, with the four Divisional Semifinal Games.  The winners will advance to the Divisional Finals on the weekend of May 8-10.  The Division Final winners advance to the Championship Game, to be played on the weekend of May 15-17. The Championship Game is hosted by the higher overall seeded team among the East and West Divisional Final winners.  Game dates within those weekends will be determined by the host clubs and arena availability.

The second half of the 2009 season starts this weekend, and all teams are in the hunt for a postseason berth. Be sure to follow all of the action live on the NLL Network at when you can't be at the game.


April 16-18:  Final weekend of regular season

April 24-26:  No games

May 1-3:  Playoffs begin, Divisional Semifinals (4 games)

May 8-10:  Divisional Finals (2 games)

May 15-17:  Championship Game

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