February 8, 2010

Reebok Partners with 'Crooked Arrows' Movie

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"Crooked Arrows," the first major motion picture to feature the sport of lacrosse, and Reebok on Monday announced a unique partnership deal that will revolutionize how commercial independent movies are produced and how they build brand partnerships.

Both "Crooked Arrows" and Reebok will deliver co-branded messaging across nearly every major platform, from the beginning of filming through the DVD release.

"Crooked Arrows" was able to attract a sponsor like Reebok because of its unique funding and marketing strategy, which will establish a new model for making commercial and independent films. The team behind the film is raising all money for production and distribution up front, guaranteeing to investors and brand partners that the film will be seen on at least 250 screens.

"Big sponsors are looking for meaningful on-brand exposure and assurances that their brand will be seen," said Jacques Vroom III, President of VROOM3 and Marketing Director for "Crooked Arrows. "

"Starting to build a marketing strategy so early allows us to go to a big brand, like Reebok, and provide much longer and stronger marketing exposure."

The partnership between Reebok and "Crooked Arrows" will also include a robust marketing partnership, including Reebok integration and exposure in-film, DVD/Blue-Ray, on the ground, online and wireless, including original co-branded short form content to air online and on wireless. Reebok will also co-brand "Crooked Arrows" on purchased media, across multiple sports categories (not just lacrosse), through Reebok.com, Reebok's social media networks and at retail. In addition, Reebok will provide talent, apparel and equipment to enhance the production of the movie.

"When 'Crooked Arrows' came to us, we saw it as a natural forward-thinking partnership," said Chad Wittman, Head of Lacrosse, Reebok. "Reebok has been involved in lacrosse for only a few years, but have already seen the growth potential in the market. Additionally, with the integrated marketing and guaranteed distribution, we know that our product will see the inside of theaters and will resonate with sports fans nationwide."

The highly anticipated movie, which will premiere in May 2011, features lacrosse... the fastest-growing sport in the United States. The film will highlight the tradition, culture, and intense action of lacrosse, and will incorporate the existing "lacrosse nation" directly in the movie. In an effort to create the most authentic movie possible, the production team has involved Native American players, pro leagues, the most credible players and coaches and Reebok, the official sponsor of the National Lacrosse League.

In "Crooked Arrows," the hero in the movie is a Native American, who is eager to modernize his reservation, but must first prove himself to his father, the traditional Tribal Chairman. He is tasked with coaching the reservation's undisciplined high school lacrosse team, competing against the better equipped and better trained players of the elite prep school league, in order to transform the team and rediscover his own spirit.

Filming will begin in spring 2010, with a theatrical release in spring 2011.

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