Calgary Adds McMahon to Staff

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CALGARY -- A former NLL Coach of the Year Bob McMahon will join the Roughnecks coaching staff for the 2011 season. McMahon will be replacing Rod Jensen as the Roughnecks new defensive coordinator.
McMahon, who is excited to be joining the team states, “The Roughnecks are a great organization and have a strong management team. I have known Dave and Curt for years and look forward to working alongside them. The Roughnecks are always producing and maintaining quality players that put them in contention for the Cup, and I am hoping 2011 will be another one of those years.”
McMahon will be joining the Roughnecks head coach Dave Pym and offensive assistant coach Curt Malawsky.
Pym, head coach of the Roughnecks exclaims, “We are extremely fortunate to have added Bob McMahon to our coaching staff. Bob shares the same passion and philosophies towards the game as Brad, Curt and I do. He loves to teach players to play the game better.”
Beginning his professional coaching career in the NLL in 1992 with the former Detroit Turbos, McMahon has been both assistant and head coach for several teams that competed in the NLL. Most recently he was the head coach in Colorado from 2007-2009 and was their assistant coach for 2010.
“Bob has always demonstrated absolute integrity and high character.  He has a solid reputation for success and a tremendous work ethic. We have tremendous respect for what Bob brings to the table and look forward to working with him as a Roughneck,” Pym continued.

Some highlights from McMahon’s coaching career include being named the NLL’s Head Coach of the Year in 2002, plus being head coach of the South team in the 2002 NLL All-Star Game. Outside of the NLL McMahon coached in the Major Series Lacrosse League (MSL) and led the Brampton Excelsiors to two Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) Major titles and a Mann Cup win in 1998. To top it off McMahon was an assistant for Team Canada's gold medal-winning team at the 2003 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

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