July 4, 2014

Vail Shootout: HLA Takes Crown and Elite Play Begins

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The fifth day of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout saw the end of the Girls' High School division and the beginning of the Men's and Women's Elite divisions. Team HLA defeated Team 180 '15 for the coveted championship spot in the Girls' High School Gold Bracket, their third Vail Shootout Title in a row. Team Colorado was the Silver Bracket champion after prevailing over 3d Select Red.

The Men's and Women's Elite divisions will continue with bracket play and round-robin play, respectively. The Men's quarter-final games are taking place at the Vail Athletic field and the Women will be back at Freedom Park in Edwards.


Gold Bracket

Team HLA captured the Vail U19 girls' crown with a dominant win over Team 180 in the finals. (Clark Bell/Gameface Media/Vail Lacrosse)

Championship -Team HLA 13, Team 180 '15 3

A highly anticipated matchup between two giants drew all eyes on Edwards turf for the Gold Bracket Championship. Focused and determined, Team HLA went to work scoring three goals in the first three minutes. Sarah Nick of Team 180 '15 found her stride as she maneuvered to the goal to put one in but again Team HLA went on a 4-0 run with the scoring capped off by Lindsey Ronbeck. Team 180 '15 displayed resilience refusing to let team HLA score anymore in the half but scoring a goal themselves, to end the half 7-2. Although down, Team 180 '15 refused to give up as they turned up the defense in the second half making Team HLA work for every ball. Adjustments were made and Team HLA scored six goals with assists on five of them. Caroline Perry of Team 180 sunk 1 in for her team to end the game 13-3 with Team HLA as three-peat champions.

3rd Place - Team 180 '17 11, Midwestern Lax 10

In the hunt for 3rd place in the Gold bracket Midwestern Lax and Team 180 '17 faced off at Freedom Park. Team 180 '17 scored first with Midwestern Lax answering shortly after to knot the score at 1-1. As play waged on Emily Hammerstein scored three of Team 180's first four goals. Midwestern Lax scored two goals in response, which were constructed from the stick of Sydney Beckmeyer. Team 180 scored twice under five minutes and took the lead at half 8-5. Going into the second half Midwestern Lax scored two goals back to back before Team 180 '17 found the net themselves. As both teams scored one goal each in a full field trek, Midwestern Lax found themselves tied with Team 180 after Amy Collins scored two quick goals. With :46 seconds remaining in regulation Amanda Worely scored the go ahead goal after receiving a pass from Emily Hammerstein to seal the victory for Team 180 '17 at 11-10.

5th Place - Stars 2018 Blue 10, Lax NW Rippers 8
7th Place - Frost 12, 3d Select Blue 2

Silver Bracket

Championship - Team Colorado 12, 3d Select Red 2

In the Silver Championship Team Colorado imposed their will and didn't look back opening the game with a 4-0 run leaving 3d Select Red to play catch up. Cami Goldsberry of 3d Select weaved her way through Team Colorado to get her team on the scoreboard after the initial Colorado surge. The half ended with a run by Team Colorado to total 7-1. Goalie of 3d Select Red, Sam Thomas, put on a show with six first half saves. The second half wasn't much different from the first. Team Colorado scored five goals from five different players to take a 12-1 lead. 3d Select Red refused to give up, scoring the one more goal, and Sam Thomas, added her incredible first half performance with seven additional saves finishing with 16 total on the day.

11th Place - Denver Summit 7, Houston Heat 6
13th Place - Bees & Honey 8, Cat-A-Lax 7
15th Place - MLA Northstars 1, 3d Select Orange 0 FF

All-Tournament Team

Team 180 '17 - Sydney Prokupek
Summit Kennedy - Kennedy Mealhow
Midwestern Force - Sydney Beckmeyer
Midwestern Force - Jaclyn Perkins
LaxNW Rippers - Lena Engbretson
Stars 2018 Blue - Lizzie Lohrer
3D Select Red - Mackenzie Burns
Team Colorado - Hannah Payton
Team 180 '15 - Kelli Warmouth
Team 180 '15 - Kendra Lanzia
HLA - Lindsey Ronbeck
HLA - Gussie Jones, Goalie

Most Valuable Player
HLA - Lydia Sutten

Coach of the Tournament
MLA coaching staff: Lindsey Eichenlaub, Jennifer Zandlo, Cassie Hoyez

Keeper of Lacrosse
Team Colorado - Brian Ackman


1st: Team HLA 13
2nd: Team 180 '15
3rd: Team 180 '17
4th: Midwestern Lax
5th: Stars 2018 Blue
6th: Lax NW Rippers
7th: Frost
8th: 3d Select Blue
9th: Team Colorado
10th: 3d Select Red
11th: Denver Summit
12th: Houston Heat
13th: Bees & Honey
14th: Cat-A-Lax
15th: MLA Northstars
16th: 3d Select Orange


The Sharks kicked off Vail Elite play with a 15-4 win over LOFErs. (Clark Bell/Gameface Media/Vail Lacrosse)

Thursday Results

Warrior X 16, Prestige Lacrosse Club 7
Warrior took an early lead that was later shot down by Prestige. Prestige lost their momentum in the second quarter with Warrior taking the advantage and holding it the rest of the game. Prestige finally found the net in the fourth quarter with a lone goal that was too little too late.

Steve French 7, Motive Pure 6 OT
Motive Pure and Steve French were evenly matched for the first quarter, but Motive managed to take a strong lead and held it throughout the third. Steve French woke up in the fourth quarter, scoring six unanswered goals to tie it up. Steve French clinched the comeback win with an incredible goal in overtime.

The Cage Goes All Out 21, Warrior X 4
The Warrior X team could not manage to maintain possession in the first half. Turnovers allowed All Out to lead the half 16 to 3 in this fast-paced match. The second half pace of play slowed as All Out maintained dominance to a final 21-4 win.

On The Hop Nation/Lacrossewear 18, Steve French 4
Lacrossewear's faceoff player, Kevin Massa, dominated face offs allowing the team to have possession to score often. The second half went to running clock due to Lacrossewear's 16-3 lead at the half. The last half took on a slower pace with only 3 goals combined scored.

Brine Elite 17, Team Gutman 11
Big Green Herd 19, Rock-it Pocket Pirates 3

Adrenaline Tropics 12, New Zealand 4
Adrenaline Tropics and New Zealand seemed evenly matched at the beginning of an intense game. After a number of penalties at the end of the first half, the pace slowed down a bit and Adrenaline ran away with the lead.

The Sharks 15, The LOFers 4
The Sharks won the game against the LOFers thanks to excellent field movement. Great position allowed the Sharks to continue scoring and control the game.

Jammin' Salmon 10, Rocky Mountain Oysters 9
In this double overtime thriller, it was the Salmon who finally prevailed. The Salmon were able to possess the ball more thanks to their talented faceoff man.

Millenium Chiefs 13, Israel National Team 6
Both teams started off very evenly matched, with a two-point goal early on from Team Israel. The Chiefs come out hot in the second half with a flurry of goals and assists from a number of different players.

Friday Schedule

Athletic Field
9:00am- Brine Elite vs Jammin' Salmon
11:00am- Adrenaline Tropics vs Big Green Herd
1:00pm- The Cage Goes All Out vs Millenium Chiefs
3:00pm- The Sharks vs On The Hop Nation/Lacrossewear

Vail Mountain School
10:00am- Warrior X vs Israel
12:00pm- Team Gutman vs Rocky Mountain Oysters
2:00pm- The LOFers vs Steve French

Edwards Turf
10:00am- Prestige Lacrosse Club vs Motive Pure
12:00pm- New Zealand vs Rock-it-Pocket Pirates


Thursday Results

12:30 - Team CRSLax.com 9, Team Wild 5
1:40 - 'Merica 9, CU Club 3
2:50 - Lax Rats 12, Lakeshore 3
4:00 - Team STX 16, CU Club 1

Friday Schedule

Edwards 2 (Grass Field beside Turf)
8:00am- Team STX vs Team CRSLax.com
9:05am- 'Merica vs Team Wild
10:10am- Lax Rate vs CU Club
11:15am- Team CRSLax.com vs Lakeshore
12:30pm- 'Merica vs Lax Rats
1:35pm- Team STX vs Team Wild
2:40pm- Team CRSLax.com vs 'Merica
3:45pm- Team STX vs Lakeshore

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