November 18, 2009

Sideline Chatter: November 2009 Responses

MLL or NLL? Which brand of pro lacrosse do you prefer and why?

Major League Lacrosse’s first venture into the Canadian market ended with the Toronto Nationals hoisting the Steinfeld Cup in August. Less than three weeks later, Nats defenseman Sid Smith was the No. 1 overall selection by the Rochester Knighthawks in the National Lacrosse League entry draft.

Hardly did the bubbly dry, in fact, before Smith and many of his MLL brethren reported for training camps with their respective teams in the National Lacrosse League.

Such is the year-round rigor for a pro lacrosse player.

But what about you, the pro lacrosse fan? Which league gets you the most juiced? LM wants to know.


Lyle Franz
Calgary, Alberta

November "Sideline Chatter" winner Lyle Franz on getting us his photo late: "I realize it's late, so I'm sending you a picture of the reason why I didn't get one sent to you earlier. In between a part-time job, most time stay-at-home dad and full-time football coach, I kinda got caught napping on the picture thing." 

The National Lacrosse League is the league I like best. I like how much quicker it is, the big hits, etc. Outdoor purists can say it’s a bastardized version of lacrosse. But really, lacrosse was “bastardized” the day Mr. Beers put down rules limiting the number of players and field size. I like the MLL, but I LOVE the NLL.

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Bob Davis
Fullerton, Calif.

With 40 to 50 of the players competing in both leagues, why do the fans have to choose only one? One is in winter, one in summer. So where is the conflict? Both leagues provide great entertainment, so just enjoy both. Now, if we could just get the Storm and Riptide back in Southern California, all would be well in the pro lacrosse world – and mine.

Doug Marcus
Sewell, N.J.

The MLL offers an interesting brand of field, but the NLL serves up its more demanding cousin, box. It may not be the pure, Canadian-style box, but the skills these guys bring to the floor are just amazing. Also, NLL fans are much more fun to be around.

Max Hoffman
East Meadow, N.Y.

Is this a serious question? MLL by far. MLL is real lacrosse. There’s too much switching in the NLL, the goalie is bigger than the net and the field is too small.

Matt Lalli
New Milford, Conn.

I prefer the MLL because it’s more of the real collision-type lacrosse from back in the day. I also love the nasty lax players like Rabil, Polanco, Snider and recently coming back Gary Gait. It’s so competitive in the MLL. I don’t want to watch any other league.

Matt Choi
Agoura Hills, Calif.

NLL, because of the up-tempo, shot-clock game and of course because of the aggressive style, fights and crazy stick handling.

John Keitz
Fallon, Nev.

MLL – true to the original. NLL – too showy, music blaring, teams moving every year. (I’d rather watch the NHL than the NLL.)

Allison Miller
Minneapolis, Minn.

NLL, because the MLL doesn’t have a team from Minnesota!

Adam Edgington
Des Moines, Iowa

MLL, because at its core, it is the more familiar, popular and widespread version of the game. As a summer sport it only competes with MLB and MLS, whereas the NLL has to contend with the NFL playoffs, NCAA Final Four, NBA and NHL.

Darron Anderson
Baltimore, Md.

Lacrosse was designed for the outdoors. The indoor version has its place, but Major League Lacrosse is where it’s at.

Jake Merrill
Mapleton, Utah

MLL all day long!

Matt Knobloch
Rockville, Md.

MLL all the way… Go Bayhawks!

Rob Stukenborg
Memphis, Tenn.

MLL. No doubt about it. Everything seems more organized to me, and I don’t like how the rules change so much in the NLL. The sticks can be more pinched and it is pretty much all hockey, field and gear. I do like the split between two different leagues so players can keep in shape and play America’s greatest sport year-round with new players and coaches.

Conor Gibbs
Sterling, Va.

MLL definitely. Ask yourself this: Which is more common to college lacrosse, MLL or NLL? Which is more like high school lacrosse, MLL or NLL? Even youth is more like the MLL than the NLL. MLL is more exciting and easier to relate to.

Gregg Evans
Scottsdale, Ariz.

NLL, because in a smaller stadium, there’s a lot more action and, preferably, more fighting.

Jonathan Wilson
Fort Myers, Fla.

I prefer MLL because it’s outdoor lacrosse and that is what I play. I watch indoor lacrosse and don’t like it as much, because we don’t have it down here where I live and I am not used to the differences. I love to watch the MLL, because that is what I am used to.

Billy McLeam
Milton, Ga.

MLL: so much more upbeat than NLL. NLL: less space with more Canadians.

Casey Lavallee
Hebron, Conn.

I think that the MLL is better all the way. It has so much more action and scoring. That's all that needs to be said.

Chase Hamernick
Forest Lake, Minn.

I am a huge fan of the MLL. I like the long pole defensemen and the 10 players on the field. It adds to the intensity of the game with all the players, and it really brings the alertness of the defense knowing there are six potential scorers in front of them and they have to stop them. Me playing defense, I love having all these options to hit and I pray they come my way. The NLL has perks indoor, so we can see them in Minnesota and if it rains hard, we can just watch it indoors. But i am a firm believer in the MLL. I just hope this extremely fun sport becomes more recognized in the coming years.

Chris Delbrueck
Brentwood, Tenn.

Both the MLL and the NLL are amazing leagues and are totally fun to watch. There are some slight differences and each league requires different skills, but if I had to choose, I would say the NLL, because there are way more teams and it's more fast paced. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. The MLL needs more teams for people to root for!

Adam E.
Des Moines, Iowa

NLL: They are bringing the game to the undiscovered frontier of lacrosse -- Des Moines, Iowa!!! The upcoming preseason game made my inbox explode! Plus, the game's similarity to hockey makes it accessible to newcomers while still reaching to hardcore laxers.

Alex Derbyshire
Havertown, Pa.

MLL definitely. The MLL is more like the lacrosse played in college and in youth leagues. The MLL is outdoors and I don't know any kids that play indoor or box lacrosse like in the NLL. Also being a defender, I like the use of longpoles in the MLL. Most of the NLL games I have been to included minimal to zero longpoles. FInally, the NLL just seems more like an all out brawl than lacrosse. Don't get me wrong, I love to hit and check, but the MLL has a more organized style of play that is just more enjoyable to watch.

Allison Miller
Minneapolis, Minn.

NLL, because it's the only league with a Minnesota team. GO SWARM!!

Clayton Ziemke
Wheatridge, Colo.

MLL. I know most people are going to say the NLL because "it's a much more physical game," which is true, but the NLL is highlighting the physical aspect of the MLL into a game. Wheras MLL play requires mental, athletic, phsycological AND physical skill. The NLL just is very physicaly demanding, but the MLL is the whole package.

Cole Rosner
Mountaintop, Pa.

Does it really matter?

Conor Breeden
Worcester, Mass

I would play both because then I could lax it up all year looooooonnnnnnnggggg.

Cory Myer
Lancaster, Pa.

I prefer the MLL. I think its' better because most kids that play lacrosse have a much better understanding of field lax, so they can follow and learn from the MLL more than they could with the NLL, because most kids are playing field lax insted of box.

David Eads
Johns Creek, Ga.

Neither. College. Duh.

Duane Angeles
Severna Park, Md.

I don't really care which one I would prefer, just as long I see big hits!!! Hoorah!

Emily Harrigan
West Hartford, Conn.

Whether it's major league, national league or even youth league, any lacrosse is good enough for me!

Ethan Lally
Gloucester, Mass.

Both leagues are great. In the MLL you get the feel of a traditional lacrosse game on a warm summer night. With the NLL you get to see a cool, fast-paced game of lacrosse without freezing your butt off. It's a win-win.

Grant Downes
Boon Township, N.J.

In my opinion, I enjoy the MLL more. But with my favorite team shut down, the New Jersey Pride, I'm going to focus on the NLL now.

Ian Kadish
Salt Lake City, Utah

MLL. The teams are much more well known, and I have never really been a big fan of box lacrosse. I mean it's still lacrosse, so it has that going for it. But I still think that field lacrosse is still the true lacrosse sport.

Jeff Berger
Burke, Va.

MLL, because it's played outside like the original game.

Jenny Wirth
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Both. Either way it's lacrosse, so you should watch and love it!

John Troyer
Knoxville, Tenn.

Favorite? That's Coke vs. Pepsi! We need a "super bowl" for the two champions to face each other in a face-to-face winner takes the "Creator's Cup" championship!

John Prutting
Mays Landing, N.J.

I personally am a fan of the MLL, because of the fan base and because it's more like NCAA action, just faster paced. It's cool to see the way guys like Max Seibald and Matt Danowski evolve their game to the faster paced MLL. Also, I think a lot of the reason most people favor the MLL is because of the weather. I, like most lacrosse players, associate beautiful weather with lacrosse. Who doesn't love watching or playing lacrosse in beautiful weather?

Kyler Pollick
Las Vegas, Nev.

MLL, hands down. First of all, it's more action-packed, because there is room to do big hits, stick tricks or amazing passes; the NLL can't do that because you get the ball, and boom, you're 20 feet from where your trying to go to. Second, it's more publicized on ESPN and ESPN2. Finally, it is just a better game for the fans; they are in bigger venues, so more fans can enjoy them, and outdoor lax is more prevelant in the youth lacrosse levels than box lacrosse is.

Luke Johns
Mattapoisett, Mass.

Are you kidding me?! Lacrosse is lacrosse. Whether it's played inside or outside. How could I choose which one is better?

Pedro Assumed-Name
Germantown, Tenn.

It's irrelevant. If lacrosse is on I'll watch it

Peter Early
San Antonio, Texas

I like the MLL, because I want to make it to the MLL. I want to be just like Paul Rabil.

Sam McCallum
South Carolina

I have to say NLL, because their season is at the same time as my high school season, and it gets me pumped to go play some lacrosse.

Spencer Lee
Alpine, Utah

They both play lacrosse, so I'd have to say I don't really care which one is more developed or what. I just like lacrosse.

Travis Glennon
Indianapolis, Ind.
MLL. It's know, the place it was played when it was invented.


Mike Tobin
Orlando, Fla.

NLL, since Orlando now has a team. But I still love the MLL.

Marco Amalfitano
MLL rules! More spread out game equals cooler goals and bigger hits. It’s a little bit slower than the NLL, but it has got all the more swag.

Michael Herrmann
NLL. My first exposure to lax was the old NLL in the 70’s. Go Rochester Griffins!

Chris Leklem

Harry Erickson
MLL - outdoor game is just the way all lacrosse should be played, no question.

Noah Atkinson
MLL, it just feels like its the more traditional gamee, i love it

Dan Marut
Lacrosse is meant to be played outdoors. Not taking anything away from the indoor game as it is still lacrosse, but the outdoor game is how it all started a long time ago.

Tom Hoffman
Lax is lax. Though I do have a preference for the box game.

Julie Flegg
Both are great, but very different games. My preference is box.

Tom Mclarnon
MLL. NLL sometimes feels too much like hockey how they encourage fights and play music, etc. I still enjoy both but MLL has more focus on athleticism. Lastly, I prefer field equipment, haha.

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