December 2, 2008

Dec. 2, 2008

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Recruiting is a topic on which families, prospects, coaches and others expend considerable resources, time and emotion. Lacrosse Magazine will delve into many of the sub-topics involved in a series of articles, augmented by personal stories from young men and women that have recently completed or are in the midst of the recruiting process.

Part Four of the series examines scholarships. This article appears in the November issue of LM, a US Lacrosse publication available exclusively to its members. Join today to start your monthly subscription.

by Ilyssa Meyer, Special to Lacrosse Magazine Online

The University of Detroit Mercy first spotted me at a recruiting tournament over the summer. We had been in contact via e-mail and, after July 1, on the phone. The coaches had asked me to consider taking a visit to see the campus during my senior year. So on Oct. 24, I began an official visit to a Division I school.

Head coach Mary Ann Meltzer made all the travel arrangements for my trip. After lunch with the coaching staff on campus, my jam-packed itinerary began with a tour of the athletics facility. After that, a brief tour of the campus ensued. I met with a dean of admissions, who filled me in on the academic side of the student-athlete, and a very interesting professor, who shed some light onto the curriculum of UDM.

After visiting the compliance office and then meeting with the athletic director, who told me about the expansion of UDM's athletic department, I spent the evening getting to know the team on a personal level. I observed, first-hand, how the team interacted while I learned all about life as a D-I student-athlete.

The next morning, after breakfast, the last stop for the weekend was a meeting with Coach Meltzer. I thought it would just be a debriefing, but it turned out to be more important than that. After discussing my experience from the weekend, she slipped me a letter. I figured it was a "thanks for coming and we'll keep in touch"-type letter. However, she explained that what was written there was my scholarship offer.

I couldn't believe it. I never would have expected such a generous offer, and was honestly shocked and thrilled to see it.

She continued to explain that now, with this offer, I could make a verbal commitment as soon as I was ready, and that a National Letter of Intent signing would follow.

Thankfully, Coach Meltzer was very understanding and saw that I was a little surprised by her offer. She did not pressure me to make a decision on the spot and offered a generous time frame for me to make one.

Although my visit was in late October, I am still undecided (at press time in early November). I also visited Division III Goucher and Oberlin in the fall. There is more to college than just playing lacrosse, although that is a big factor for me. I want to weigh everything before making a choice that will affect the rest of my life. With the scholarship offer on the table, I definitely have a lot more to think about, and I hope I will make up my mind soon. In the meantime, I am very thankful for the offer and the chance to play Division I lacrosse.
Ilyssa Meyer is a senior at Colts Neck (N.J.) High School. She plays midfield on the girls' lacrosse team.
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