December 27, 2013

Mundorf Recovery Continuing Into Winter

by Sean Burns | | Twitter 

Mundorf had to spend much of Team USA's fall camp in recovery mode. He's hoping to be back in good form for January's Champion Challenge. (John Strohsacker)

Brendan Mundorf has been one of the top attackmen in the game, earning MLL accolades and All-World status at the last World Championships in 2010 helping Team USA earn gold. This fall, he has been in recovery mode from a pair of procedures, leaving him on the sidelines during much of the team selection. 

In January, he'll be among the hopefuls to make the final cut for the roster that will play in Denver this summer to defend the gold, so we caught up with the star to see how things were looking for our January issue of Lacrosse Magazine.

So what exactly was it that you had to recover from?

I had a double sports hernia repair [surgery] on September 16th. Then I had my right knee scoped a month later in October.

How has the progress been?

I'm actually supposed to be running by the end of the month. I've been working out, mostly upper-body stuff because of the knee surgery. I've started on some light footwork drills and elliptical machine work to start [lower body recovery] out, and I've been progressing pretty well.

How do things look in terms of being ready for the field?

I should be back to playing lacrosse some time this winter.

What's the outlook for the NLL season?

I am focusing on getting back to 100% first and foremost. I can not say what will happen from there. Right now it's hard to focus on anything other than getting ready for the [Champion Challenge] in January.

Was it hard to watch from the sidelines throughout the fall?

It was tough because you want to be there playing. I haven't gotten to this point in my career by spending time on the sideline. I'm not much of a talker – I try to set an example through my play on the field and when I'm not able to do that, it's tough.

[In January], I want to show the coaching staff that I deserve to make the team, I don't want them to give it to me. I'm just happy that I'll be able to get out there in January and play – I'm lucky to have that opportunity.

What's been your method for managing your road back to health?

I told myself in the beginning after the surgeries that I was going to do something to improve my situation every day, whether it be physical therapy or strength and conditioning – anything to help my cause. That's a goal that I can manage – do what I can do to get better for tomorrow. I just try to keep it on a small scale. All I can worry about is doing things better and helping my situation whenever I can.

When Champion Challenge comes around, how do you plan to maximize your shot to make the final roster?

I need to show the coaches that I have been working hard to be as healthy and prepared as possible. If that means I'm at 100%, then great. If I'm still not ready to play, but they know I have been working hard and following the instructions of the staff, then thats all I can do.

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