July 10, 2012

DJ Zoom Breaks Down U.S. U19 Team's Pre-Game Playlist

by Zach Oliveri | LaxMagazine.com

U.S. U19 goalie and co-captain Zach Oliveri also goes by "DJ Zoom" and is reponsible for Team USA's music.
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Hi everybody, my name is Zach Oliveri, a goalie on the U.S. under-19 men's national team and for the University of Massachusetts. Although Zach is my given name, this summer with the U19 team I've been going by something else. Why, you may ask? After finding out that I am a part-time DJ back home on Long Island, my teammates wouldn't let go of my stage name "DJ Zoom" from the moment they heard it.

Once they actually realized that I was a real DJ, saving the ball in goal and being a leader for my team were no longer my only jobs with this group. From the first time in the C.W. Post men's lacrosse locker room for Long Island training weekend in June, I was in charge of our team's music, and this includes off-the-field endeavors as well. You can ask Charlie Raffa, face-off man from the University of Maryland, and Greg Danseglio, defenseman from the University of Virginia, about how great of a DJ I was on our bus ride home from Long Island. Playing good lacrosse isn't our team's only talent, we would later find out that night. After the music played, everybody, including the coaches and trainers, started dancing on the bus. But Raffa and Danseglio stole the show.

However, before I get too far into our team's wonderful dancing abilities, I'd like to explain my love for music and the role it plays in my pre-game mindset as well as the music I got playing for my teammates in our locker room.

Of the many odd rituals I have before games, music is one of the most important! Music has been a part of my life forever, most likely starting with the wonderful oldies tunes my father Jim Oliveri has always been playing. From there, it escalated into every genre of music.

Many people get a misconception of the music I listen to on and off the field. Coming from Long Island I grew up with a strong hip hop and house (club) music influence and have listened to that my whole life. But if you happen to get a hold of my iPod you'll learn that's not all I listen to. I listen to everything and anything that sounds good. In the locker room before games, my headphones are blaring with hip-hop and house music that keep me loose and dancing before the games. But when I'm off the field I like to relax and the only way to do that is with some soft R&B and country music. Yes, I listen to everything. Believe it or not, my favorite genre has to be R&B.

What I found incredibly surprising was how much my teammates and I all share a very similar taste of music. Not only did it make us even better friends then we already are, it made my job as the team DJ a lot easier. [Editor's note: Oliveri was also voted one of three team captains on Saturday.sh]

Below is the list of songs preferred by my teammates after Lacrosse Magazine asked us for our pre-game favorites. I've added descriptions of a few of them and why they might appeal to those guys. Thank you for reading, and enjoy! In no specific order...

Levels – Avicii (Tyler Barbarich)

A group of guys did not surprise me with their song choices. The Jersey Boys -- Tyler Barbarich, Ralph "DJ Dirty Dags" D'Agostino, and Steven Pontrello -- all had similar choices. The picks of Levels by Aviici, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay / Avicii remix, and In My Mind - Axwell, prove that these weight room junkies have not left the Jersey Shore once in their life and love the club scene. Ralph is the leader of the Jersey Boys. You may see his well-practiced fist pump after he scores goals all summer with the national team.

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