November 8, 2012

Your Edge: Danseglio's Over-the-Head Check

by Matt Forman | | Twitter

What I Do

Travelin' Man

I love traveling. I've traveled to the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Mexico Panama, Costa Rica and mostly recently Finland with the U.S. under-19 team. I'd like to go to Italy or Ireland someday. I enjoy seeing different cultures and how different people live, and it makes you appreciate America that much more. My favorite place I've visited is Finland; that was my first time being in Europe. But before that, I went on a nine-day cruise to Mexico and other places in the Gulf as my high school graduation present, with my family and two best friends from high school. We enjoyed our last high school days together, which was a lot of fun.

Heat Up, Cool Down

Everyone has their own game-day routines. I like to get in the hot tub before games, then the ice bath after. I learned a lot from the older players at Virginia — like Matt Lovejoy and Steele Stanwick — seeing how mentally and physically challenging a full lacrosse season can be. You really have to take care of yourself. Doing whatever makes you feel like you're ready for game day. I just want to give myself that extra edge. I get in the hot tub about four hours before games, for about 10 minutes, to get my body loose and stretch out. Usually I'll do the ice bath after every game, practice or lift, which helps take care of bumps and bruises. It's also helpful mentally, calming and preparing before games or reflecting after them.

Wear "USA" Proudly

Playing for Team USA was amazing. After we lost to the Iroquois and Canada, we really came together as a team. Everyone had their defined role, whether you played 80 minutes or 80 seconds. Everyone bought in. It wasn't about anything except the three letters on the front of the jersey, USA. Being in Finland with 23 of your best friends and everyone's families was incredible. The coolest thing was listening to the national anthem before games, running out with the flag and hearing people chant "USA." It really took your breath away. I've never felt anything like that before. And then winning gold made it that much sweeter.

My Guilty Pleasure

I miss Long Island pizza. Everyone jokes about how the pizza in Charlottesville is OK — we actually got into an argument on a Virginia bus ride about that — but it's just not the same. They say it's something in the Long Island water. I love Gio's Pizza, which is one town over from where I grew up in Islip Terrace, N.Y. You can't go wrong with the Buffalo Chicken pie. We'd probably get a pizza once a week on Friday or Saturday night. They're delicious.

My Free Time

My family and I like to go down to Fire Island on Long Island on our boat. We sit on the beach, relax and think about things. It's nice to get away. It's a way to get out and have fun with everyone. Otherwise, I enjoy listening to country music. It's calming. I've never been one to get fired up listening to music.

My Favorite Drill

Even though I hate doing them, one-on-one drills. It's a battle, you against someone else, and a lot of times it comes down to who wants it more. You can focus on all the little things you have to do to be successful. Whether it's in practice, or you're doing drills in your backyard against one of your friends, one-on-ones force you to improve. You focus on molding your game. Growing up, I always went against my best friend, Christian Bennardo, who's now at Villanova. We always battled back and forth.

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