June 26, 2013

Get to Know the U.S. Women's National Team: Midfield

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Ally Carey won gold with the U.S. U-19 National Team in 2007, and hopes to help the senior team earn similar honors at next month's FIL World Cup.
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As we edge closer and closer to the opening draw at the FIL Women's World Cup from July 10-20th in Oshawa Ontario, we continue our look at the U.S. Women's National Team here on LaxMagazine.com. A week ago, we looked at a breakdown of the attack unit. Today, we take a look at the midfield, which features seven of the top athletes in the game today.

Caitlyn McFadden

Height: 5-foot-4
College: Maryland '10
Age: 24
Hometown: Phoenix, Md.

U.S. National Team 2008-13, U.S. World Cup Team 2009, U.S. Developmental Team 2007-08

Strengths: Dodging, shooting, defending

Buzz Words: "She has so much power when she puts the ball on cage. Every time she rips the ball, we have to get a new ball off the end line, because it's not coming back."
—McGarvie Reilly on McFadden

Full Bio From Team USA Website

Sarah Albrecht

Height: 5-foot-3
College: Northwestern '06
Age: 29
Hometown: Braintree, Mass.

U.S. National Team 2006-13, U.S. World Cup Team 2009

Strengths: Clutch scoring, off-ball presence

Buzz Words: "She's such a natural link to the attack, from the middies to the attacking end, especially in our man-up plays."
—Assistant coach Liz Robertshaw on Albrecht

Full Bio from Team USA Website

Kelly Berger

Height: 5-foot-4
College: James Madison '07
Age: 28
Hometown: Columbia, Md.

U.S. National Team 2006-08, 2009-13; U.S. Developmental Team 2005-06, 2008-09

Strengths: Speed, fitness, communication

Buzz Words: "She is the definition of a true midfielder."
—Munday on Berger

Full Bio from Team USA Website | Feature from June issue of LM

Sarah Bullard

Height: 5-foot-4
College: Duke '11
Age: 24
Hometown: Needham, Mass.

U.S. National Team 2008-13, U.S. U19 Team 2007

Strengths: Ball control under pressure, hustle

Buzz Words: "She went from 'Baby Bull' to being one of the fixtures on the field. She kind of came out of nowhere in 2009 to become a player who's just reliable—Johnny on the spot."
— Fried on Bullard

Full Bio from Team USA Website

Ally Carey

Height: 5-foot-7
College: Vanderbilt '12
Age: 22
Hometown: Bel Air, Md.

U.S. National Team 2011-13, U.S. U19 Team 2007

Strengths: Draw control, power

Buzz Words: "Ally is a huge asset for us on the draw."
—Assistant coach Amy Bokker on Carey

Full Bio on Team USA Website

Kristin Igoe

Height: 5-foot-4
College: Boston College '11
Age: 25
Hometown: Framingham, Mass.

U.S. National Team 2010-13

Strengths: Defensive positioning, transition offense

Buzz Words: "It seems like she has wings. She goes from one end of the field, and it's like she's a spark. It's like, boom, there she goes."
—McGarvie Reilly on Igoe

Full Bio from Team USA Website

Katie Schwarzmann

Height: 5-foot-4
College: Maryland '13
Age: 21
Hometown: Sykesville, Md.

U.S. National Team 2010-13

Strengths: Speed, field vision, off-ball deception

Buzz Words: "She's lulling defenders into getting comfortable and then she'll just turn it on and absolutely blow by someone."
—Munday on Schwarzmann

Full Bio from Team USA Website

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