June 19, 2009

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Your Playbook: Midfield 4-on-3 Alley, 4-on-4 Slide

This drill was excerpted from the US Lacrosse Men's Drill Manual, which is available for purchase

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A transition exercise, it utilizes a long pole at the midfield line. The long pole tries to bait or run with a midfielder, who initiates the drill from the corner.

1. G outlets to M1, who races up field.

2. LP at midfield either feathers or baits M1.

3. M1 passes to M2, who tries to force a defensive slide for an unsettled situation.

4. Upon a shot, goal or turnover, G2 releases the ball to M3, who races up field in the opposite direction.

5. LP, if beaten badly, should go to the hole and check the backside pipe.

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