June 23, 2009

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Your Playbook: Grub Drill

This drill was excerpted from “Go To Drills,” a manual of women’s lacrosse drills developed by US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program authors Scott Biron, Kateri Linville and Janine Tucker. Purchase the entire manual by visiting www.uslacrosse.org and clicking on “USL Shop.”

Purpose: It’s a high-intensity drill that focuses on possession and then decisive action.

Set-Up: Place five offensive and five defensive players inside the eight-meter, plus a goalie. The coach with a bucket of balls stands below goal line extended.

1. Toss a high ball into the group. Both teams attempt to secure possession.

2. If an attacker secures the ball, she should shoot before being double-teamed. If a defender gets the ball, she must get the ball out immediately by passing to a teammate or running. If a ball is shot and misses the cage, all players must give chase and attempt to secure possession.

3. Once the play is over, players must return immediately to inside the eight-meter.

4. Roll a ground ball into the group. Same objectives for players: secure the ball, shoot or clear.

5. Alternate between tosses and ground balls. Call fouls as appropriate. Be sure groups switch roles so that all players participate offensively and defensively.

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