June 23, 2009

Your Playbook: Developing a Motion Offense

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This drill was presented by North Harford (Md.) girls' lacrosse coach Tara Buecker at the 2009 US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by adidas. For more information, visit www.uslacrosse.org/convention.

1. Basics of a Motion Offense

  • Pass and move.
  • Player adjacent to ball cuts through the 8 meter.
  • Two players away from ball offer outlet. If not used, they get out.
  • Everyone is a threat with the ball.
  • Keep the field balanced.

2. Motion

  • Player adjacent to the ball cuts through the 8 meter.
  • Two players away from the ball cut outside to become outlets.
  • Ball carrier drives to be a threat, with head up for a feed or 1-on-1 opportunity.
  • Ball carrier uses outlet if needed.
  • Balance and restart the motion.

3. How to Drill Motion Offense

  • Use a skeleton offense. Work the ball without a defense, first with five players, then using all seven.
  • Use it in transition. From the opposite goal or the 50-yard-line, work on getting the ball behind the cage and balancing.
  • Drill 7-on-7 clears to the restraining line. Play everything out. When the offense gains possession, again, emphasize balance and motion.

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