June 23, 2009

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Your Playbook: Pressure Shooting Drill with Defense

This drill was excerpted from the US Lacrosse Men’s Drill Manual, which is available for purchase

online. Visit www.uslacrosse.org and click on “USL Shop” to buy your copy today.

Purpose: This drill stresses solid feeding skills, diagonal cutting, defensive one-on-one skills and shooting on the run.

Set-Up: Lines of attackmen and defensemen near the corner of the restraining box adjacent to the endline. Two lines of midfielders at the same width near the restraining line.

1. Attackman with ball works against semi-aggressive defenseman. Must get free to pass.

2. Opposite midfielder cuts towards middle, receives pass from attackman and shoots.

3. Progression can dictate a defensive midfielder guarding the cutting offensive midfielder.

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