December 15, 2010

Top Coaches, Rookies Rub Elbows

by Emily Gibson | US Lacrosse | "Countdown to Convention" Home

Coaching is not strictly X's and O's; it's also about leading by example (monkey see, monkey do), dishing out life experiences and implementing your knowledge of other sports' techniques or skills to the youngins.

US Lacrosse encourages this coaching style and honors the coaches who fit the bill every year for demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship on and off the field at all times (especially when no one is looking). They stay on the officials' good side, while also respecting other coaches and their own players at all times.

These are just a few US Lacrosse High School Coach of the Year Award winners who still try to better themselves by coming to the 2011 US Lacrosse National Convention:

Colin Thomson, Thomas S. Wootton High School, Maryland
Jay Coleman, Rockhurst High School, Missouri
Lance Savage, Colorado Academy, Colorado
Mark McAndrews, King & Low-Heywood Thomas School, Connecticut
Rob Ruller, Webster Thomas High School, New York
Tom Dell, Milton High School, Georgia

(For a full list of the men's division Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year and Man of the Year Award winners, go here.)

Contrary to popular belief, these great coaches who win while staying classy were all newbie coaches at one point! They didn't just wake up one day to be a great coach and role model. Let US Lacrosse give you the jumpstart you need for your fun and successful coaching career. Here are a couple sessions that will help:

Michael McCue
President and Coach, Haslett Lacrosse Club
"Using your experience in other sports to coach lacrosse" (Coaching Development)

This session will help youth coaches new to lacrosse use their experience in other sports to effectively coach youth players. Experience in football, basketball, hockey, and numerous other sports can be used to help the coach who is new to lacrosse.

Randall Polito
Head Women's Coach, Hollins University
"You got the job, now what?" (Coaching Development)

This session will give you some tips, tricks and tools for assimilating into a new program. Learn how to build a positive team culture while laying the foundation for future success.

In addition to these great sessions, there is also a US Lacrosse Level 1 Coaching Education Program in-person instructional clinic. Once complete you can go on to take a short online course and a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop to become a US Lacrosse Level 1 Coaching Education Program certified coach. Click here for more about the Coaching Education Program.

So whether you have any knowledge of the game or have never seen a game before, the 2011 US Lacrosse National Convention is place to go for great instruction and everything lax.

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