November 1, 2011

Notre Dame's Dynamo Passing Drill Helps Transition Play

by Corey McLaughlin | | Twitter

The Notre Dame men's lacrosse team has, in recent years, had the types of goalies who are willing to throw outlet passes and move the ball upfield. Having the goalies with skills to throw these passes is one thing. Having players able to catch them is a bird of a different color.

Enter the Fighting Irish's "Dynamo Passing Drill." The topic is how to get players comfortable catching an over the shoulder pass, which for the Notre Dame staff, will hopefully lead to more transition play.

"We're trying to develop a comfort level with caching over the shoulder passes. This generation of players I don't think is traditionally spending a lot of time catching an over the shoulder pass," Notre Dame defensive coordinator Gerry Byrne said. "You need to develop the confidence in doing that."

Byrne gives credit to the Virginia coaching staff for first exposing him to the drill, but said he's tweaked it some for Notre Dame's purposes. The four-person, two-ball drill works for attack, midfielders and defenseman.

Byrne explains it below, and four Irish players show how it's done.

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