April 14, 2009

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Your Body: Get on the Box

by Rashad Devoe | Special to Lacrosse Magazine Online

One of the most under-utilized tools for speed, conditioning and footwork is low box training. At Devoe Human Performance, we use low box training with all of our training programs.

Low box training incorporates elements footwork, agility, conditioning, speed, reaction time, balance and coordination.

Illustrated at right and in the video below are three low box drills: low box run, side run and straddle jump.

For each, follow this progression:

1. Single Tap - Touch the box once with each foot.
2. Double Tap - Touch the box twice with each foot.
3. Single Tap with Movement - Touch the box once with each foot, while moving around the low box.
4. Double Tap With Movement - Touch the box twice with each foot, while moving around the low box.

Start with a 4-inch box and advance up to a 12-inch box as you become stronger and master these. Each drill should last 30 seconds with a 10-15 second rest period. Complete two sets of each progression and then move to the next drill.

As you get more comfortable, focus on maintaining maximum speed and body control, and staying in a nice, tight athletic stance without arms and legs flailing.

Advanced Drill: Eagle Hop

A more advanced drill that will help you with explosive speed, power and a blazing fast first step is our eagle hop dril

To start, put your left leg back on the box and lunge your right leg forward. Keep your back flat and bend forward at the hips, touching the ground with your hands. Explode up in the air, keeping your left leg on the box.

This drill will give your hamstrings and glutes a phenomenal workout.

Rashad Devoe: Low Box Training
Apr 14, 2009

LM's Rashad Devoe demonstrates low box drills for blazing fast speed.

Rashad Devoe is a lacrosse-specific strength and conditioning coach that has worked with some of the best players in the country for over 13 years. For more info on Devoe Human Performance or Coach Devoe's training, visit www.devoehp.com.

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