April 21, 2009

Straight Shooters: High-Stepping the Stall Warning

by Nathaniel Badder | Special to Lacrosse Magazine Online

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During play in the attack zone with under two minutes left in the game: A player has the ball in the attack zone and his left foot is in contact with the ground, and he realizes he is going to step over the line with his right foot. So he raises his right foot in the air, never touching the ground, and passes it to a teammate, then falls over the line after the pass. What is the ruling in this situation? It was in a middle school game. Thanks.

- Rich DeNicola, Ocala, FL

Though it’s very tough to make a call on this type of play without having actually seen it, your interpretation of the rule is correct--- a player with the ball must step down on the line or on the ground outside of the box in order for the officials to blow the whistle and call for a turnover of possession. 
In all likelihood, there was a difference in judgment between players, coaches, fans, and officials over whether or not the ballcarrier did, in fact, step down outside of the box.
I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Nathaniel Badder


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