October 6, 2010

USL Convention Mythbusters for Officials

by Lucia Perfetti Clark | US Lacrosse | "Countdown to Convention" Home

Maybe this year could be your year to experience the US Lacrosse National Convention.

I personally waited way too long to get to my first convention. Once I got there and saw how much I was missing all those years, I couldn't believe how short-sighted I was at thinking I didn't need to go. While I'll admit some of the "facts" in this article are actually opinion, if you're looking for reasons to get up and go to Convention this year, chat it over with your loved ones, make a budget and commit to growing your game and kicking off your season with a bang!

Myth: "Convention is only for experienced officials. I'm too new; it will all be over my head."
Fact: The men's and women's game officials both offer tracks for newer officials and returning officials. The speaker sessions cover all levels of the game, and there are even presentations on the live field which relate to positioning.

Myth: "I've been reffing for so long, Convention couldn't possibly teach me anything."
Fact: Any official worthy of his or her stripes should strive to improve every season, setting new goals and pushing themselves to continue to try to call the perfect game. The best officials in the country will be on hand at convention. Convention is an opportunity to learn from those people who call games on Memorial Day weekend! In addition to the best of the best, the best trainers in the country will be there providing professional growth and development to all levels of officials. You can then take what you learn and bring it back to your area -- and all of your friends who decided not to come this year. They will be thankful, and jealous.

Myth: "Convention is too expensive."
Fact: Other sport-specific conventions cost as much as three times the amount of the USL Convention. Not to mention if you register now, you'll receive considerable savings with the early bird rate.

Myth: "I won't know anyone, so it won't be any fun."
Fact: The lacrosse community is the most warm and welcoming of sports communities. Okay, so I don't have a factual basis for that statement. But seriously, Convention is a way to expand your lacrosse network. Convention is three days of putting names with faces, learning great information, and meeting people who can help you do things to grow your game, like working out of region. There's only one way to meet people out of region: you have to get out of your region. So come to Baltimore and meet people from across the country.

Myth: "I don't need to go; someone from my area will bring me everything I need."
Fact: Well, it may be true that you're sending a representative, likely charged with hearing the Rules Interpretation. But the more people from your area that go to Convention, the more sessions that can be attended, and the stronger your group will be. Remember, it's not just about building your own professional skill set, but raising the standard of your entire officials group at the local level

The US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion®, returns to the Baltimore Convention Center again Jan. 21-23, 2011. Billed as "the unofficial start to the lacrosse season," this event annually gathers the very best the sport has to offer, and provides the sport's largest educational opportunity, with over 5,000 coaches, officials, program administrators and exhibitors in attendance... REGISTER TODAY!

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