February 8, 2012

US Lacrosse Launches New Men's Officials Training, Certification

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US Lacrosse has announced a newly redesigned certification and training program for men's lacrosse officials.

BALTIMORE – US Lacrosse on Wednesday announced its newly redesigned certification and training program for men's lacrosse officials. The US Lacrosse Officials Education Program, developed in conjunction with the pre-existing Lacrosse Referee Development (LAREDO) program, has now expanded to include three levels for beginner-level to collegiate-level officials and requires annual recertification.

At each of the three levels, all officials are required annually to view the US Lacrosse "Concussions in Lacrosse: Signs, Symptoms and Playing Safe" video, attend a local training session, complete a rule interpretation session, and pass an online rule test administered and created by US Lacrosse. Additionally, each official must complete level-specific classroom curriculum and, when initially certifying at a particular level, pass an on-field evaluation administered by a US Lacrosse certified trainer.

"These requirements allow us to implement a standard of training for men's officials across the country and define a clear career progression for officials to follow as they continue to officiate," said Charlie Obermayer, US Lacrosse officials program manager. "This will allow us to better recruit and retain officials around the country while ensuring we develop them in a responsible manner."

US Lacrosse developed 18 topic-specific presentations for trainers to utilize, including a youth rules interpretation that covers the US Lacrosse youth rules passed in September 2011 for the 2012 spring lacrosse season. By providing the presentations to trainers, an official views and receives the same resources and training as officials in all other areas of the country.

Since the late 1980s, the LAREDO program has provided training for lacrosse officials across the country. The program, now known as Level 3 LAREDO, was originally designed to teach three-man mechanics to men's game officials in the western United States. Now, the Level 3 LAREDO events are designed for officials ready to make the jump from two-man to three-man mechanics and who are ready to join the ranks of the US Lacrosse Collegiate Officiating Committee.

In 2009, US Lacrosse created the Level 2 LAREDO aimed at the third- and fourth-year high school officials looking to improve their game. Rounding out the certification and training program with the Level 1 LAREDO, US Lacrosse provides a standardized program to further educate officials and grow the game safely.

For more information about the Men's Game Officials Certification and Training Program, visit: www.uslacrosse.org/TopNav2Left/Officials/MensOfficialsInformation.aspx.

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