June 27, 2013

Your Edge: Munday's Get a Grip, Will Ya?

by Clare Lochary | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

What I Do

World Cup veteran Lindsey Munday is also the head coach for USC's new varsity program.

Mix it Up

Being versatile is important. If you only have one thing you’re really good at — dodging or feeding — people can scout it and stop you. You need to develop both hands, too. I thank my lucky stars I’m left-handed, so I usually get to feed to people’s right hands. If righties are nervous about bad aim when going left, know that you’ll be feeding a lot of people’s strong hands, and that is a lot easier.

Lead the U.S.

I was shocked to be elected by my teammates to be captain of Team USA (prior to last year's North America Cup). I make sure I’m really engaged with every single player. You have to know if someone had a bad day, or if someone’s down because they messed up a drill. Try to pump them up. Little things go a long way for team chemistry. It’s just caring about people.

Fail to Avoid Spoilers

I love soccer. I almost decided to go Division III so I could play two sports in college. I will never forget the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, That was the one year my family did a portrait. So we took this silly family picture I’ve never even seen. I rushed back to the house to watch the tape (VHS). My little brother went upstairs, turned on the news and told everyone that U.S. won in penalty kicks. I started crying and crying.

My Olympic Moment

I got to meet USC alum and Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni, who won silver in the 100-meter breaststroke and gold in the 200-meter breaststroke in London. I got to hold her gold medal. She said she’s coming to a lacrosse game this season, so we’ll have to hold her to it.

My California

I love the beach, just being able to run there, to play volleyball and to go surfing. I’m a sucker for West Coast sunsets. When I’m driving home every day, and I’m going down the hill and I see the sunset? It’s a good day.

My Go-To Feeding Spot

I like to feed from the side of the cage, so the shooter is facing the goal and she can just catch and shoot. From the wing or from up top, the attacker has to make a move on her defender and turn the corner, and then shoot. From behind, you have to worry about goalie interceptions.

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