July 2, 2013

Your Edge: Don’t Get the Heebie GBs

Ground Balls under pressure with U.S World Cup team midfielder Sarah Bullard

by Clare Lochary | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

What I Do

Support my Team

I follow the New England Patriots and Duke basketball really closely. With those teams, you’re going to hear it from people. Sometimes it’s fun to engage in the banter, but it can turn on you. You just have to figure, “Well, they win a lot, and that’s why you don’t like them.” But I mostly keep those thoughts to myself!

Earn my stripes

I’ve been in the Team USA system since I was 17, when I tried out for (and made) the U19 team. It’s really cool to experience the full program. It’s something I take a lot of pride in. It’s funny, going back to UMBC all the time, where all the tryouts have taken place. It’s a lot of the same memories of scorching turf and an exhausting three days that will always be worth it.

Sock it to Em

Bullard has been wearing high socks since it became the norm for her club team - the Revolution.
© John Strohsacker

For my high school club team, Revolution, our coach had all the girls wear high socks to stand out. It became my routine, and I like the look of it. And I liked the idea of looking a little different. My parents love it because I’m easy to find on the field.

My Game Preparation

The biggest thing is to remind myself to play in the moment and enjoy it. I’m naturally an intense person, so I don’t have to pump myself up. I listen to music that gives me peaceful, happy thoughts, stuff I can sing along to, like “Glee” or Motown or Stevie Wonder. I do some pregame meditation and just focus on breathing. 

My Idol

[Hall of Famer] Jess Wilk Strosberg, who’s been my coach in the U.S. system since I was on the U19 team. She doesn’t say much, but everything she says is meaningful. That’s why I wear No. 19 — it was her number.

My Beantown

I grew up in Boston suburbs. Now I live in the city. You run into people you know. It has small city feel, but there’s still so much going on.

My Go-to Drill

Now that I’m out of college, a lot of my chances to get a stick in my hands are solo workouts. I like to get a tall cone and practice breaking down my offensive and defensive footwork – sprinting towards it and then breaking down my steps. It helps to picture exactly what I’m doing in the context of a game – dodging in our rotation, or doing a defensive set. I imagine it the way we actually play.

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