September 7, 2013

Maryland Terp Griffin's Sidearm Shooting Style - Explained

by Corey McLaughlin | | Twitter | McLaughlin Archive

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Be Creative

Luckily our coach, Cathy Reese, gives us the freedom to be creative which enables us to play to our strengths and allows me to be creative and play like I know how to play.

Keep Coming Back

It was really difficult coming back from my ACL injury freshman year because there's always that fear that you won't recover 100 percent. My body has been plagued with injury for the past three years so I think slowly but surely I'm getting back to myself. Rehab is a long and frustrating process, but one that I've mastered well. The proudest moment of my career has been finally getting back playing with my body being healthy again from all my injuries: ACL, bone bruise, and a stress fracture in my foot.

Feed the Beasts

Griffin's leg band - 'JG' for her mother Jodi, who passed away in 2008.

It was great playing with so much senior leadership last season. Our senior class had a dominating presence both on and off the field, so there was never a dull moment. [Tewaaraton Award winner] Katie Schwarzmann and [finalist] Alex Aust are exceptional players and it was great playing alongside them. I will miss them a lot. We had such a dominant attack that everyone was a threat and could score, but I found myself behind a lot helping feed.


This summer I traveled to Europe for a month. I visited my friend, Karri Ellen Johnson, a former Terp, and traveled abroad with her to London, Ireland and the south of France to surf. The trip ended with a Mediterranean cruise going to Spain, France and Italy.


My favorite drill at Maryland is the 3-on-2 from the side with a ground ball coming in, because our team gets overly competitive and way too into it.


I have a few: We go to the same bagel place with the team and I drink Chai tea, wear my lucky sports bra and underwear and my leg band with my mom's initials ("J.G." for Jodi Griffin, who died of cancer in 2008).

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