July 3, 2013

Team USA's Katie Rowan Shows How to Feed the Beast

Syracuse's all-time leader in points, goals, assists has tips to hit your cutter every time

by Clare Lochary | LaxMagazine.com

What I Do

Teach the Game

I was an education major in college. Every person learns differently. Some people are very visual. Some people are better at auditory learning. Some people work a little better when you explain things one-on-one, and other people like it when you push them. So it's just knowing your student — or your player — and what they respond to best.

Rowan says she's never worn gloves in her career but that "it's just a personal preference."
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Skip the Gloves

I'd say 90 percent of the team at Albany (where Rowan was an assistant until this fall, when she returned to her alma mater Syracuse as a coach) wears gloves, but I never have. I'll usually tough it out unless it's a blizzard. I really don't like them. It's just a personal preference.

Stand Tall

I'm about 5-foot-10. I love being tall. It's fun. I like being able to see everything going on around me. I like wearing heels, but sometimes I feel a little too much like a giant.

My Favorite Opponents

For Team USA, Gina Oliver and Amber Falcone always battle hard and are tough to get around. At Albany, Ariana Parker. She's so strong and has such great footwork.

My Pre-Game Routine

On the way to a game I'll listen to music and spend a little time visualizing what I'm going to be doing. I think through all the plays in my head and make sure I'm set with all that. I'll think about my form, and imagine myself running through things, making shots, making free positions.

My Go-To Drill

Player 1 has the ball and has to keep it away from Player 2. The catch is that Player 1 must keep one foot planted the entire time. Practice keeping yourself between the defender and the ball, and keeping your stick back off your body and off your back hip. Try it one minute left handed, then one minute right handed. Then switch so Player 2 is the ball carrier and Player 1 is trying to get the turnover.

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