November 6, 2013

Your Edge: UNC's Megan Ward on Protecting the Cage

by Clare Lochary | | Twitter

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Pick Up the Pace
I had to adjust to the speed of the college game fast [as a freshman]. Logan Ripley, our volunteer assistant and a former UNC goalie, really helped me with that, because she had the same experience.

Jog My Memory
I definitely remember Sammy Jo Tracy's goal going in, but I don't remember much about the championship game, and I don't remember the triple-overtime save. I had to re-watch it to piece the game together. It's a very overwhelming experience. I do remember the moment right before Brooke Griffin shot on me. I remember thinking, "I have to save this, or else it's not going to be a very fun night for me."

Borrow Clothes
I wear sweatpants for many reasons: to take the sting out of the ball, to hide my goofy-looking shin guards and to get the occasional sweatpants save. If you look closely at the picture at left, I'm wearing a No. 17 jersey and No. 25 sweatpants. During the ACC tournament, it rained so hard that we almost had a flash flood before the game. The crease at Fetzer Field was just destroyed. I was stepping in mud pits, so my pants looked so, so dirty. So I borrowed Devin Markison's sweatpants for the postseason, including the NCAA championship game.

My Hometown Pride

I'm glad to be experiencing another state for college, but I miss Annapolis (Md.) a lot. I miss the water, the crabs and my dog. It's a great place to grow up. I love getting back there, especially for the Navy Fall Ball Tournament at Rip Miller Field, which is right on the water.

My Gear

I wear guys' field gloves. They don't have the big thumbs like goalie gloves. You can feel the ball better, and I like to have my thumb on the shaft. |

My Go-To Drill

One thing I started doing at UNC was wall work. Throw the ball at the wall hard and let it bounce once and react to it. Do lots of reps. We also used reaction balls this year. You get in a low-squat ready position, drop the ball and react to it. It's not easy, but it definitely gives you a leg workout.

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