March 20, 2014

Your Edge: Defending Effectively at GLE

by Andrew Sellers as told to Corey McLaughlin | | Twitter

Former Salisbury stud and current Triology Lacrosse director Andrew Sellers doesn't let attackmen drive at GLE. Here's how he does it.

What I Do

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Work it All - I did football, wrestling and lacrosse in high school, and those sports have all different training methods. Lacrosse has every aspect: the cardio, explosiveness and quick-feet agility. It facilitates not only muscular development and strengthening, but also muscular endurance.

It's important to focus on the core. A strong core makes you more explosive and faster. Always incorporate some kind of footwork and major muscle groups while incorporating core and agility. I keep it faced-paced and high reps - between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes, in and out. 

Stay Busy on the Field - It's nice with a shot clock for defensemen because the offense can't have these long possessions that tire you out. But there's no down time. Every time your man touches the ball, you hav to expect that he is going to dodge, shoot or feed because time is of the essence.

Play the Body - In the MLL, guys play angles, and if you can take away the guy's angle, you're taking away the guy's shot. All he can do from there is pass it. I like to play body the entire time. (Sellers, the 2012 USILA Division III Defenseman of the Year at Salisbury, has played for the Rochester Knighthawks and Chesapeake Bayhawks.)

My Toughest Assignment

John Grant, Jr. His combination of size, athleticism and stick skills make him one of the toughest guys to cover, especially from 'X'. Even if you take away his shooting angle, he can go behind the back or around the world just to increase the angle. 

If you want to stop Grant, you have to stop him before he even gets to the goal line, because a guy like that, as soon as he gets one yard above GLE, he can get a shot off from pretty much anywhere.

My Core Workout

Take four abdominal or oblique exercises that you like to do and super-set them with planks. Start with 50 bicycle crunches. Then planks for 60 seconds. Do 20 leg lifts, and then go back to the planks.

That gives you a good burn and develops every aspect of the core.

My Berkman Story

[Hall of Fame Salisbury coach Jim Berkman] deserves every award he gets. He runs his program like a well-oiled machine. Players feed off his work ethic.

After he had a minor heart attack during 2012, my senior season, I texted him a couple days later asking him how he was feeling, if there was anything I could do. He texted me back, "Make sure you watch film for this game, and get the other guys to watch it too." He was in the hospital. The guy never runs out of motivation.

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