April 6, 2014

Your Edge: Facing Off With Duke's Brendan Fowler

By Brendan Fowler, as told to Corey McLaughlin | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

Brendan Fowler, Duke's prolific faceoff man, shows how to tilt possessions in your favor

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Hit the Weights

The weight room is really important. Being strong is a big part of being a faceoff guy. Most guys who are successful are physical, strong guys. Working out a lot is going to big a part of being a good faceoff guy.

Practice My Craft

Facing off is something that you have to do every day. It takes reps. You can't just show up and face off on Saturday. Even if I go home and don't face off for a little bit, I start to lose it. It has to be an every-day thing. It doesn't have to be long; it can be 15 minutes a day. In the offseason, I've worked with Matt Schomburg of FOGO Lax.

Focus on No. 1

I'll watch some film on opponents, but I try to focus on myself as much as I can. I usually can feel guys out throughout the game. I want to have an idea of what they do, by watching film, but I don't want to get too in-depth and watch a ton and get all crazy. I'll get an idea of what he does and go from there.


The opener in the first quarter. As the game goes on, I get way more comfortable. If you lose the first couple, don't freak out. You need to get a feel for the other guy, for how the refs are calling it. There are tons of variables.


I played football at Duke the last three years, but this year I got a lacrosse scholarship. There is a counteracting scholarship rule. If you have a scholarship in one sport, you're not eligible for another. Football hasn't used all 85 scholarships in the past, but they did this year, so I didn't have a spot. I also wrestled in high school at Chaminade (N.Y.). If I could it work out next year at Duke, it would be cool to do. My wrestling background helps me a lot as a faceoff guy, with balance and being in awkward positions.


My dad and all of my uncles were in the fire department. My one uncle is a captain at F.D.N.Y. Rescue 2 (Brooklyn). I really look up to those guys. My dad tells me nothing good ever happens without hard work. You get out of it what you put into it.

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