April 27, 2014

Your Edge: Slide and Recover With Ohio's Chad Wiedmeier

by Chad Wiedmeier as told to Matt DaSilva | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

Ohio Machine and Trilogy Lacrosse defenseman Chad Wiedmaier's slide-and-recovery tips


Take Nothing for Granted

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I traveled to Uganda in 2011 to coach with Fields of Growth. It just slapped perspective on my life. As simple as being able to drive a car down the street and getting food—that's something most Americans take for granted. Just to get water on a daily basis is a struggle. When we were in the rainforest, these people have to walk half a mile down the side of a mountain to fill up these gallon-water tanks and then walk with them on their shoulders. I did that side-by-side with a woman who couldn't have been taller than 4-foot-9. She did it with minimal effort. I'm supposed to be an athlete, and I was huffing and puffing.

One player on one of the teams I was coaching had some pretty serious scars on his face. I found out later he had been abducted as a child soldier. Playing lacrosse brought him away from those experiences.

Bike the Bridge

Trilogy is in a cool area of New York City I never knew about. I live on Manhattan's lower east side. We work in DUMBO. It stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It's startup central—so many companies, brands, thinkers and artists. There is no better view of New York than from DUMBO. I just ride my bike over the bridge every morning to get here.

Want to be Coached

[Ohio Machine coach] Bear Davis was the coach at Robert Morris for a while. I never really knew much about Coach, but I remember checking scores of games and I was like, "God, this Robert Morris team is putting up an absurd amount of points." We really feel like we have a coach again. Even at the pro level, we want to be coached. We want to feel like someone really cares about what we're doing. It's great to be coached again.


Sliding to a spot in lacrosse is kind of like a pass in soccer, a linear idea. Sending someone a through-ball downfield, you want to put it where they're going to be, not where they are.


Last year (2-12 season) was kind of a drag. The low point was when we lost to Denver by 15 goals and I ended up scoring on our own goal. It was pretty much the bottom of the barrel. It was a ground ball in a pressure situation. I threw it back to our goalie Brian Phipps when he happened to think I was going to throw it to him outside the crease. As soon as the ball left my stick and I saw he was running out, we both had one of those moments like a blockbuster Hollywood film where we're both screaming, "Noooo."


Toward the end of last year we had something going. We ended up knocking Boston out of the playoffs. Logan [Schuss], Steele [Stanwick] and [Marcus] Holman are pretty awesome. You saw those three guys really jell in that game. That could be special this year.

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