August 2, 2014

Your Edge: Using the Crease Rules to Your Advantage

by Lizzy Rulan, as told to Megan Schneider | | Twitter


Train the Navy Way

Both the academy and lacrosse workouts are extremely similar. Physically with Navy, you're doing as much as you can, pushing yourself, working out in the morning with your company. Everyone at the school is working out at the same time every single day, so that definitely helps. Also, the mental structure from the Navy is translated onto the lacrosse field. You have to focus at all times and be prepared for anything.

This instructional originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of Lacrosse Magazine. Start your subscription by joining US Lacrosse today!

Play Soccer, Too

I enjoy playing lacrosse and soccer at Navy. It's a great opportunity to meet friends with two different teams. Here, they make it a lot easier than other schools, because they understand we're going through a lot, academically. Both of my coaches are accepting and understanding of how physically demanding it is and also emotionally and mentally.

Wobble Baby

Our locker room, we're all about the dancing. There's music playing at all times, and if someone's not dancing, there's a problem. We usually like to focus on the last song that we play, which is the "Wobble." Some people get a little shy, but the whole team does it at the same time. It's our last hoorah before we go onto the field.


I have a huge family – four brothers and a sister. I'm the youngest. My brother enlisted in the Army. He was in the 82nd Airborne and just qualified for Ranger School. Seeing how determined he was made me want to serve my country and do something with my life.


I'm really interested in aviation. Hopefully, I can become a pilot or a naval flight officer. Any community I go into will be awesome and an honor. Everything you do here prepares you for that [decision]. In the summer, we go on a training block, and I'll be able to fly some planes, be in the back of planes and see if that's the course I want to take.


I love to eat. You can never go wrong with Chipotle. But crab dip is the No. 1 thing here. At the Federal House, that's some really good crab dip. There are a lot of restaurants in downtown Annapolis that have awesome food, awesome crabs and are just great places to hang out.

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