August 30, 2014

Your Edge: Jumping on the Draw

by Mikaela Rix, as told to Megan Schneider | | Twitter 

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Bleed Red, White and Blue

It's really such an amazing honor to be on Team USA. Since I got to play on the U19 team [in 2011], I know what it feels like to wear the jersey. But playing with the senior national team is something that I've really dreamed about. I'm really excited to play with Kayla Treanor, Kelly McPartland, Cortney Fortunato and Erin McMunn, who were all on the U19 team with me.

Lead BC

We were so close to beating UNC, Maryland and Syracuse. Being an upperclassman and being able to really teach the younger girls to have a cohesive team was awesome. For us, it was the first time we ever won an NCAA game and we won two. We made it to the elite eight and lost by two to Syracuse. As much as everyone hates losing, we had a phenomenal year.

Stick to Routine

I always wear the same socks, spandex and sports bra. I always wash them, obviously, but I always wear the same ones. I guess you could say I'm superstitious, but that's just always my routine. I also always listen to "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons and "Waka Waka" by Shakira as my last two songs before I go out to the field. Otherwise, before Saturday home games, we go to Finagle a Bagel as a pregame meal and then to Sandwich Works before weekday games at home.


BC is an amazing school. I get the chills every time I talk about it because I actually had the opportunity to be an orientation leader last summer. I really learned a lot more about the school and everything it has to offer. Everybody is there to make everybody better. As much as we're competitors, everyone makes you feel at home. BC really has really become my home away from home.


I'm definitely a New Yorker at heart, but Boston is a great college town. I have a ton of friends that go to different schools throughout the city. I have a couple friends at Harvard and I'll go see them on the weekends. We have the North End for great Italian food on Newbury Street and awesome shopping. It's really the perfect college town, not too overwhelming. As much as the weather is sometimes undesirable like this past winter when we had mountains of snow, it really is a great campus that's just outside of the city.


I'm a finance major in the Carroll School of Management, and I'm minoring in theology. After freshman year, I had a really great professor in my Intro to Business and Ethics class, Amy LaCombe. I'm actually going to be her teaching assistant next year. This summer, I have the opportunity to work at Morgan Stanley in sales and training. I absolutely love my job.

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