March 23, 2016

United Women's Lacrosse League Unveils Team Names, Logos

from press release

BOSTON – The United Women's Lacrosse League (UWLX) announced Tuesday the names of its first four teams: Baltimore Ride, Boston Storm, Long Island Sound and Philadelphia Force. The league's creative team has worked for months to create names and marks that convey the powerful step of elevating women's lacrosse to professional status.

"We are excited to officially unveil the branding for each of our four inaugural teams of the UWLX. This professional league is built on quality, starting with the creativity and strategic innovation of our marketing and branding initiatives," said UWLX commissioner Michele Dejuliis.

“As a start-up league, we approached this effort by reaching out to a variety of resources to collaborate with,” said league president Digit Murphy. “Commissioner Dejuliis took a very hands-on approach with the team to create exciting and contemporary logos that fans would get behind in a big merchandising way."

The unveiling of the team names and logos is yet another step along the journey of launching the UWLX. With this marketing milestone complete, the team will focus on merchandising and branding, as well as ticket sales promotion, opening in full on April 1.

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